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Em and Sky's Engagement Photoshoot (#1)

When your best friend gets engaged to the love of her life, you document every second of it! The stunning girl in these photos is my best friend, who also happens to be my triplet sister, Emma. The handsome man by her side is her fiancé, Skyler. The two of them are serious couple goals! As her Maid of Honor I don't get to document their wedding next year, but that doesn't mean I am not going to document everything else for them.

Here is a snippet of engagement session #1. We got about 20ish minutes in before it started to rain (really hard). Luckily we still got some keepers! How could you not when the couple you are photographing are basically a couple of models? The rain also made it so we had time to stop at one of my favorite ice cream spots, The Beach Bucket! I was pretty stoked about this turn of events since I still had swollen cheeks and a sore mouth/jaw from my recent wisdom teeth removal.

Thanks Sky for loving my sister so well. Welcome to the family!

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